Friday, April 2, 2010

First 7 Words of IMDB's Description of a John Candy Movie #5: Brewster's Millions

“A minor league baseball player has to” said the ominous voice from behind the cave wall.
“A minor league baseball player?” asked Rupert. “And that will fulfill the prophecy?”
“Yes” said the ominous voice.
“Hold on,” I said. “Has anyone here even played baseball?” Of course, I had been playing in the minor leagues for years under an assumed identity, but that was before my life here, in the caves; it was a life I was not wont to share with others, and one I was reluctant to return to.
Clarissa nudged me. I had told her the first day we got here of my past, back when I thought it didn’t matter; possibly years ago now.
“Anyone?” I asked again.
Back when we had first entered the caves, back before our tour guide had abandoned us and the bioluminescent messages started to appear on the walls, I had known none of these people. Since then, we had grown close; we had learned how to survive together, how to avoid the entrancing darkness of the trap tunnels and various cave dwelling creatures.
“Charlie,” said Bethany, “you’re a baseball player, right?”
“What?” I asked. “Who told you that?”
“Oh, Eric did” she said.
“Eric?” I asked.
“Clarissa told me” said Eric.
“Well I didn’t think it was some kind of big secret” said Clarissa.
“Besides,” said Rupert. “You talk about it in your sleep all the time.”
“Then it is decided.” said the ominous voice. “Charlie Delton, you will fulfill the prophecy of the cave!”
“Aw, damn it.” I hit my hand against the cave wall.
Also there was a doctor. I would find out later he was also a minor league baseball player in his youth, he was just much better at keeping quiet about it than I was.

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  1. It is like an underground version of the TV series LOST. Also, hey! I finally did my first full week! That probably won't happen again for a while, but maybe it will hopefully! If you have any suggestions for future sources of opening lines, please let me know!