Friday, December 4, 2009

And So it Begins

Hello there!
Think of this as an experiment in storytelling.
Once a day, I will attempt to post a short narrative of some kind to this blog. There are only 4 rules:
1. I cannot have written the opening line; I must get it from somewhere else and each week my source must change.
2. The narrative cannot have anything to do with the context of where I get the opening line from.
3. I have roughly one half-hour to write what I post.
4. The Second to Last Line of every post must be "Also there was a Doctor" Every post (execpt this one). Yes, without the grammatically appropriate comma.

I also might do Text Adventures/Interactive fiction. We shall see.

There was a 5th rule but it has since gone missing. Here's hoping this works out. I look forward to my impending tremendous obscurity.

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